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Doug from maine asks:
i was wondering if you could help me out. I have been getting so many different answers from so many different people that i have no idea what is right or wrong. I have a 1/4 acre pong approximately 100 ft x 50 ft and is is 18 foot on one side and gradually get shallower on the other side where it is about 6 ft deep. Now the question is how much aeration do i need? how big of a system do i need? I have some saying that do to the depth i would need something pushing out over 3.5 cfm with at least 2 diffusers. I see others saying that system would be too big. i was told not to do solar cause the systems wouldnt be ablt to handle the depth due to only pushing out 1.1 CFM. (looking at solar cause the electric run form the house is 100 ft. SO i am completely confused and am not sure what to get. i want to buy the right system and not waste my time or money on things i dont need. i have had people telling me that i need over 250 feet of the hose which seems really excessive but when you dont know what you are doing you can get taken advantage of. i just want a truthful honest answer for what type of system would be suited for my application without trying to up sell me or sell me **** i dont need.

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